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(1) Learning Pilates from other than a real live instructor is not easy, and does carry some slight risks. You should (in addition to these notes) attend a course of certified Pilates mat sessions. This is the safest way to learn, and it's also a lot of fun! (2) Please ensure that you are competent in "Pilates Contrology". (free pdf e-book).

Setup for Roll Like a Ball:
  • Sit tall on your sit bones.
  • Form a bracelet grip with one hand around the other wrist, and hug your lower shins to your body.
  • Look down to your navel, and maintain your back in an even C-curve.
  • Scoop your abs; clench your butt and roll your shoulder blades away from your ears.
Action for Roll Like a Ball:
  • Breathe in to roll back.
  • Breathe out to roll up.
Classic Pilates Cueing:
  • Exhale down! Inhale up!
  • Keep your curve!
  • Stay zipped, and keep your eyes on your belly!

(Classical Pilates Technique: Roll Like a Ball, Scroll right>>>...)

Classical Pilates for Beginners:
Roll Like a Ball

Classic Pilates Technique Online - One Leg Circle from the head

Level: Beginner, Repetitions: 6-8.

Previous Exercise:
The One Leg Circle
The One Leg Circle
(In the Classical Pilates mat sequence, the One Leg Circle preceeds Roll Like a Ball).
Next Exercise:
Single Leg Stretch-
Place you hands by your hips and boost yourself back so that the legs are straight. Roll down to a lying position and roll your head up and hug one knee to your chest.

Classical Pilates Online: Single leg Stretch

Classical Pilates Technique: Roll Like a Ball, © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project

  • Massages the spine.
  • Warms the Erector spinae muscles (either side of your spine) into working at their longer range, ready for further spinal stretches, avoids trigger point related pain later in your workout.
Precision Points:
  • Scoop your abdomen in and up.
  • Concentrate on an even C-curve rather than maximally bending you back.
  • Shoulder blades down.
  • Eyes on the belly! -Keep your head off the floor!
Modifications: Don't let an injury or weakness stop you! There is always a modification. Take your time and find the right one for you. If in doubt, seek advice!
  • Eye problems, severe disc problems, Osteoporosis, sit tall and use left hand model.
  • Low back pain, use right hand model.
Rolling Like a Ball: Sit Tall Modification
Rolling Like a Ball Alternative