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Pilates information
(1) Learning Pilates from other than a real live instructor is not easy, and does carry some slight risks. You should (in addition to these notes) attend a course of certified Pilates mat sessions. This is the safest way to learn, and it's also a lot of fun! (2) Please ensure that you are competent in "Pilates Contrology". (free pdf e-book).

Setup for The One Leg Teaser:
  • Sit tall with knees at a 45 degree angle and inner thighs glued together.
  • Straighten one knee, and reach the arms long beside your ears.
  • Your back forms a gentle C-curve.
Action for The One Leg Teaser.
  • Inhale and reach your arms to your feet.
  • Exhale to roll down
  • Just as your head approaches the mat, extend your arms behind you, and immediately
  • Inhale to roll up: Reach for your knee, your toe, then the sky.

(Classical Pilates Technique: The Side Kick Series: The One Leg Teaser , Scroll right>>>...)

Classical Pilates for Beginners:
The One Leg Teaser

Pilates:  The Side Kick Series: The One Leg Teaser
Level: Beginner, Repetitions: 3-4 each leg.

Previous Exercise:
Side Kick Series
Classical Pilates Exercise: The Side kick series - Small Circles
(In classical Pilates Exercise, the Side Kick Series preceeds the The One Leg Teaser).
Next Exercise:
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Roll over onto your stomach, reach your arms long in front...

Classic Pilates Cueing:
  • Roll down, exhale up!
  • Reach for knees, toes, the sky!
  • Make it smooth!
  • Works the abs, back muscles and gluteus maximus.
Precision Points:
  • Use your powerhouse to come up smoothly (don't jerk).
  • Keep the extended toes absolutely still, at eye level.
  • The bottomn foot stays anchored to the mat..
Modifications: Don't let an injury or weakness stop you! There is always a modification. Take your time and find the right one for you. If in doubt, seek advice!
  • Lower back problems - grasp behind the thighs and roll back a small distance.

Classical Pilates Technique: The Side Kick Series: The One Leg Teaser , © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project