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  Adductor stretch   (before getting out of bed!)

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Adductor Muscle Stretch :- Start Position
  1. Relaxation position.
  2. Pelvic Neutral.
  3. Chin gently tucked, neck soft and lengthening.
Adductor Muscle Stretch :- Action
  1. Lift left knee up and then right
  2. drape fingers over knees.
  3. Let your knees slowly relax outward and hold for 2 or three breaths.
  4. With each outward breath feel the muscles of the inner thighs "melt" and the distance between the knees widen.
  5. Slowly bring the knees together, and repeat 3 times.
  6. Focus on letting tension go in the stretching muscles, and also in the neck and shoulders.
Adductor Muscle Stretch :- watch point
  1. Since this is a stretch for a tight muscle we focus a lot on releasing into lengthening and a little on pressure from the hands to force widening.

Adductor muscle stretch (Scroll right>>>...)
Hip Adductor Stretch :
Start Position
Hip adductor stretch benefits:
  • Releases postural tension.
  • Mobilizes hip adductor muscles.
  • Brings awareness to a problem before it causes pain and reduced performance. If you know there is a problem you can self treat before it causes you grief (see right hand panel).
The adductor muscles are prone to tenseness at rest - it's a postural bad habit that we need to kick. Stress in your life, or long periods of sitting, or activities such as kicking and running will aggravate this tension to the point where pain and discomfort can affect your day time (and night time!) activities.

Trigger points are the cause of any associated pain and a program of stretching, walking and trigger point self massage, provides the solution.

A good time to check for tightness and trigger points is before you get out of bed because this is the time when they are at their most obvious. Hence the title on this page!
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