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    Ankle range of motion exercise:

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Pilates Alexander Technique
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Start Position
  1. Do this exercise either sitting or lying on back with legs long (you may also point and flex with knee folded up)
  2. (If seated, feel free to cross your legs).
Point and flex the feet:- Action
  1. Point the toes away from you
  2. Bring the toes up toward you
  3. Repeat slowly and with full range of motion to stretch the joints of the ankle and foot
  4. 10 times each foot
The wheels on your car have to stay balanced and aligned for optimal function and the same applies to your feet.

(ankle range of motion exercise: point and flex the foot, scroll right>>>>....)
Flex and Point the Foot:
Start Position
Flexing the Foot
Pointing the Foot

Watch Point
  • Keep foot and lower leg aligned: no sickling as you point away
What it does
  • This exercise teaches the ankle and foot to move "in line". Any tendency to buckle to the side (as for example in twisted ankle) is reduced(1).
  • Pilates exercises often include instructions to point or flex the foot, so it is worth while to learn what this means!
  1. The Official Body Control Pilates Manual Available from:
  2. Bruce Thomson: Engage Gluteus maximus!

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