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The Lying Side Flex:- Start Position
  1. Lie on your side with underneath leg 20 degrees forward and the knee slightly bent.
  2. Your underneath arm stretches out in perfect line with your torso, and cradles your head.
  3. Line up shoulder over shoulder and hip over hip.
  4. The upper leg is straight and in line with the body, and the ankle is flexed.
  5. The hand of the upper arm rests on the thigh.
  6. Scapulas anchored and Pelvic neutral. Long Spine.
The Lying Side Flex:- Action
  1. Breathe in and zip and hollow.
  2. Zip and hollow and (breathing out): lift your top leg and bend at the waist so that your upper hand slides along the thigh toward the knee. Your head will eventually lift off the floor, but keep the neck and spine aligned.
  3. Pause and hold (one or two seconds).
  4. (Breathing out): Return your leg and arm and relax.
  5. Repeat three to five times each side.
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The Lying Side Flex:
Start Position
Avoid extreme flexion! We are not looking for extremes of movement or flexibility. We are looking for control and strength that comes form working muscles in their strong "Middle Range"(3).

What it does
  • Integrates a number of movements combined with core stability. Your mind is given a lot to concentrate on! That's great for learning to consciously optimize your body positioning and movement.
Watch Points
  • You don't have to go high! It is more important to do things slowly and in control.
  • Do maintain the alignment of spine and pelvis
  • Keep the scapulas gently anchored.
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