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The Side Roll:- Start Position
  1. Relaxation Position. Feet hip width apart.
  2. Arms out to the side, palms upward. (You will use your arms to stabilize your upper body against rolling).
  3. Pelvis neutral, scapulas anchored.
The Side Roll:- Action
  1. Breathe in and zip and hollow,
  2. (Breathing out): Roll your head to the right and knees to the left. (A little way to start with).
  3. Breathe in.
  4. (Breathing out): Zip hard and use the abdominals to pull your knees back to the centre.
  5. With each repeat, go a little further. Only go as far as pain alows.
  6. Repeat four to 8 times each side.
Lift the Spine off one part at a time!:-
  • Roll the pelvis off the floor, then the waist, then mid, and finally upper torso!
  • For the return, do the same: The upper torso, then mid torso, waist and finally the pelvis!
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Side Roll: Start
Side Roll: Action
Comments Continued
  • This exercise is one alternative to the "trunk curl with situp" which emphasizes the Rectus abdominis and which is fraught with potential to damage your body: It is so potentially dangerous that Sahrmann(1) gives 13 specific guidelines on how to avoid damage from it! The Side Roll (and related Pilates Exercises) are better alternatives!
What it does
  1. This exercise develops control and strength in the abdominal obliques, which are major muscles of lumbar stability, and also help the Rectus abdominis in its function as well.
Watch Points
  • Make sure that the pelvis looks to the side and does not try to "look upward" or "downward".
  • The abdominal muscles perform the exercise. Not the legs!
  • Anchor your scapulas throughout.
  1. Shirley A Sahrmann: Diagnosis of and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes Publ. Mosby 2002
  2. The Official Body Control Pilates Manual Available from:

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