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Pilates Alexander Technique
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This exercise is presented at the end of the Introduction to EasyVigour Pilates, but could fit just as well in a manual of training for how to do the Alexander Technique. For extra information, try this search (also reference "4" at the end of this page) -

Alexander Technique, Releasing and Lengthening Taller

Stand Tall, Walk Tall - Start Position :-
  1. Like all Pilates exercises, do this bare foot!
  2. Imagine that there is a buoyancy balloon in your head located above and between your ears. Let the balloon elongate your neck away from you shoulders. Feel the back of your neck elongate & your chin tuck slightly.
  3. Anchor your scapulas.
  4. "Attach" an imaginary weight to your tailbone. Your spine is now elongating between a weighted tail bone and a "lighter than air" skull. Your back still keeps its natural curve. Your pelvis should be in "neutral".
  5. Gently zip and hollow your lower abdomen.
  6. Gently engage your Gluteus maximus muscles
  7. Unlock your knees, and check in the mirror that the knee caps are not pointing inwards.
  8. Place your feet hip width apart with the insides of your feet parallel.
  9. Let your foot arches form by pushing your toes & the balls of your toes firmly toward the ground.
(do Alexander Technique, Alexander Technique, Releasing and Lengthening Taller, Scroll right>>>>....)
Stand Tall, Walk Tall:
Start Position:-
(Note the "forward and down" position of the subject's head! He needs to read item (2) in the start position notes! - read also the exercise: The Chin Tuck!
Action (Swayback):-
In this example, the person is not engaging the gluteal muscles.
Action (Much Improved):- In this example, the person is engaging the gluteals at heal strike, and is well on the way to "Releasing and Lengthening Taller" but is still somewhat tense. pWalkTall
Stand Tall, Walk Tall:- Action
  1. Try to do all the "stand tall" instructions while walking!
  2. Also make sure that the knee comes forward with the lower leg and Tensor fascia lata muscle totally relaxed!
  3. Impossible isn't it! -

In fact, it will take a course of EasyVigour Pilates Exercises and Instructions to achieve the walk tall instructions!

When I started to develop the EasyVigour Pilates method, I had all the faults (and more!) that are pictured to the left. Running and Power walking felt rough. I was carrying a lot of pain. The EasyVigour Pilates method has changed that. I hope that the method can help you too!

What it does
  • Makes walking as smooth and effortless as driving a Citroen car!
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(do Alexander Technique, Alexander Technique Releasing and Lengthening Taller)

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