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  Lower back injury rehabilitation exercises(1): table top (arm action) Pilates Information
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Table Top with Arm Action:- Start Position
  1. Kneel on all fours, hands a little wider apart than your shoulders, and knees a little wider than your hips (Quaduped position).
  2. Scapulas anchored and Pelvic neutral .
  3. Breathe in and maintain a long spine.
Table Top with Arm Action:- Action
  1. Zip and hollow and (breathing out): Raise your right arm so as to point forward towards the wall. As much as possible, don't move the pelvis. Anchor your scapulas.
  2. (Breathing out): Return your right arm to the the ground and let it support your weight.
  3. Repeat five times each arm.
  • Following on from the work of Richardson and Jull (2), this is one of a series of lower back injury rehabilitation exercises that are widely recommended by physiotherapists.

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Lower back injury rehabilitation exercises (1): Table Top with Arm Action
Start Position


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What it does
  • Weakness of the Multifidis muscles is a major problem for those who suffer from lower back injury or pain. This exercise triggers the multifidis muscle to function.
  • By anchoring the scapulas, you engage the lower trapezius muscle, which in turn tenses the thoracolumbar fascia. The thoraco-lumbar fascia aids in stiffening and supporting the lower back.
Lower back injury Watch Points
  • Hollow the abdomen!
  • As far as possible, the pelvis remains stable and does not tilt.
  • Keep the scapulas gently anchored.
  • Keep the neck long and relaxed and look down, not at the floor.
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