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Shoulder Lift:- Start Position
  1. Relaxation Position, with both arms pointing up at the ceiling. Keep the elbows soft!
  2. Pelvic neutral! Gently anchor the Scapulas!
Shoulder Lift:- Action
  1. While breathing in, reach up to the ceiling. Feel your shoulder blade come off the floor.
  2. While breathing out, let the shoulder drop back to the floor.
  3. Repeat five-10 times each side.
  1. Good exercise for breaking neck tension headaches. Take your time and enjoy the release that you will feel!
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Shoulder Lift, Start Position
Shoulder Lift, End Position
What it does:-
  • Muscle rebalancing such that the upper trapezius and levator scapulae do not dominate over the lower trapezeus, and the rhomboideus does not dominate over the serratus anterior.
  • Stated another way, it encourages the scapula to adopt its proper central positioning and sound movement patterns. Proper scapular positioning is the foundation of all shoulder therapeutic exercises.
Watch Points
  • Breathe wide and full!
  • Gently apply the scapular anchor, but otherwise stay relaxed!

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