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Ankle Circle:- Start Position
  1. Lie in the Relaxation Position.
  2. Maintain pelvic neutral. Apply scapular anchor.
  3. Bring one thigh up and take hold of it just behind the knee.
Ankle Circle:- Action
  1. Gently zip and hollow.
  2. Keep the leg completely still, and circle the foot slowly and as widely as it will go.
  3. Repeat 3-5 times, then circle in the opposite direction.
  4. Repeat for the opposite leg.
  1. If you have ever sprained your ankle, then your ankle stabilizer muscles are probably still weak and/or recruiting poorly. This exercise will get them up and running again.
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What it does:-
  • Returns flexibility and sensory awareness to the msucles and ligaments of the sprained ankle.
  • Exercises the Ankle Stabilizer Muscles in a nice gentle way.
Watch Points:-
  1. Maintain pelvic neutral!
  2. Keep your upper body and arms relaxed!
  3. Keep your neck relaxed! (Feel free to place a small cushion under your head).

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