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Summary of Joseph Pilates' Swimming Comments, expanded and refined by Brooke Siler

Swimming Pose 2:-
  1. Head upward and backward as far as possible.
  2. Chest raised off floor.
  3. Knees locked.
Swimming Pose 3 and 4:-
  1. Alternate between poses three and four, a total of 10 times (5 each side).
  2. Brooke Siler: "Continue switching pairs until you have a swimming or light splashing motion in effect, inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts".
Swimming Cautions:-

"Left leg and right arm raised as high as possible in upward movements. Likewise, "right leg and left arm raised as high as possible in upward movements. Keep body rigid... Move arms and legs only"

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Pilates demonstrating Swimming, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original photo).

Joseph Pilates doing the Pilates Swimming Poses
Webmaster's Swimming Comments:-

Stable body! - In swimming, the movement is mostly at the hip joints and shoulder joints. Protect your lower back by lifting the abdomen off of the floor, and (very gently) clenching your buttocks and anchoring your shoulder blades while growing tall. Refer:
Introduction to Pilates Controlology Exercises

  1. J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York (Review & purchase...)
  2. Brooke Siler: The Pilates Body
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