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Back pain Maintenance: Sound Posture-Movement Patterns 2


Backpain, lumbago information
Glossary of terms
Forward bending and return from forward bending...
Young to middle aged men with bad backs tend to initiate forward bending with the spine. The elderly (over 45) with bad backs tend to initiate return from forward bending with the spine. In contrast, the healthy person (of any age group). will initiate with hip and knee movement.
Start of Forward Bend as Performed by most Middle-Aged Men:
Correct Start of Forward Bending:
The Monkey
Start of Return from Forward Bend as Practiced by many Elderly Folk:
Correct Return from Forward Bend
The Monkey
This 70 year old quote still holds true:-
"Good body mechanics imply that all the joints of the body are used in such a position in relation to their total range of motion that the possibility of further motion in either direction - the factor of safety motion - is always present(11)". Once you know the feel of the safe middle range, stick with it! - it gives you that safe "factor of safety!"

Posture-Movement targets for the back pain sufferer who genuinely wants to improve:-
  1. To perform the start of forward bending by hip and knee movement only.
  2. To be able to lie on your back with both legs extended with no or minimal pain.
  3. To land your butt on the front of a chair seat with your spine fully supported, and lengthening upward.
  4. To be able to engage the Gluteus maximus when performing tasks one and three, and also to engage the Gluteus at foot fall when walking.
Summary:- Back exercises are necessary but not sufficient. You must correct bad Posture-Movement patterns as well!
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