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Pilates Low Back Pain


Backpain, lumbago information
Glossary of terms
Introduction to Pilates for Low Back Pain and Bad Backs

Each Pilates Instructor teaches Pilates exercises in a different way. Here is what is good about EasyVigour Pilates Low Back Pain Exercises:-
  • Pilates Exercise Instructions have been modified and fine tuned for back pain, and have been tested on real people.
  • Concepts from Alexander Teaching, and "Fourth Era" Physiotherapy(1), have been consistently applied in developing Pilates style low back pain exercises.
  • Many of these Pilates Exercises are "weight bearing", or "closed chain". That means you do them on your feet. Weight bearing Pilates exercise has three distinct advantages:-
    • Weight bearing exercise, pilates or otherwise - mimic the real life situations that you and your body should train for.
    • Weight bearing exercise, pilates or otherwise - can be done almost any time and any place. You can - and should - do it while walking, jogging, watching TV, or talking on the phone!
    • Weight bearing exercise requires no special gym or Pilates equipment.

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Before you Start Exercising...
Joseph and Clara Pilates, low back pain experts! Joseph & Clara Pilates will guide you to lumbar stability...
Joseph Pilates quotes:-
(1) "A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy callisthenics or forced contortion."
(2) "...it is the mind itself which builds the body"

As you work through the Pilates low back pain exercises, you will develop & apply that awareness of body positioning and muscle tensioning that is crucial to being your own guide to freedom from lower back pain. Believe me when I say that this is the quickest and easiest way to achieve freedom from back pain.
In The Back Maintenance Manual (1): Pilates Exercises for Low Back Pain you will initially be guided through:-
  1. The Relaxation Position.
  2. Pelvic Neutral.
  3. The "Zip and Hollow" (working the transverse abdominal muscle).
  4. The Scapular Anchor.
  5. Engage Gluteus maximus.
  6. Breathing out at the moment of Leg Movement.
Sample Pictures from the Pilates Exercises for Low Back Pain
Pilates Exercises Instructions Picture 1: Relaxation
Pilates Exercises Instructions: The Relaxation
Pilates Exercises Instructions Picture 2: The Pelvic Clock Pilates Exercises Instructions: Clock Neutral
Picture 3: "Zip and hollow" muscle (transverse abdominal) key to lower back stability. Transversus abdominis from the Side Transversus abdominis from the Front
Pilates Exercises Instructions Pictures 4 & 5: Scapular Anchor, Gluteus maximus. Pilates Exercises Instructions Guide: the Scapular Anchor Picture: The Gluteus maximus is used in weight bearing exercises pilates
Picture 6: Breathing out as the leg lengthens away. Pilates Exercises Instructions Guide: The Leg slide or Hip Flexor Stretch
Once you have worked through the Intro in "Pilates Low Back Pain Exercises", you will have the "mind body connection" which is crucial to effectively rebuilding your posture and movement patterns. Believe me when I say there is no short cut to this process!
References: The full list is available in the Printable Pilates Guide (available for download): The Back Maintenance Manual (1): Pilates Exercises for Low Back Pain .