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  Intro to Pilates Low Back Pain (4):   fine control of the zip & hollow Pilates Information
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Pelvic Elevator- Start Position
  1. Sit upright on a stool or chair, Pelvic and Chest Neutral
Pelvic Elevator- Action
  1. Breathe in wide and full and lengthen up through the spine.
  2. Zip and hollow, maintain pelvic neutral.
  3. (Take the "lift to the first floor!)-Breathe out and at the same time, draw up the pelvic floor muscles. (The ones that stop you peeing).
  4. Breath in and release.
  5. (Take the lift to the second floor!)- Breath out, draw up the pelvic floor,and then zip and hollow the lower abdomen, and finally-
  6. (Take the lift up to the third floor!)- pull the navel as hard as you can back toward the spine!
Once you have mastered the pelvic elevator while sitting, try it while lying prone, while in the relaxation position, and while kneeling on all fours.

(Fine control of zip and hollow Scroll right>>>>....)
Position for Pelvic Elevator:-
PelvElev.gif (8K)

(Fine control of zip and hollow© Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project scroll up^^^^.....)
Watch Points:-
  1. Try to keep all other muscles relaxed. Especially:-
    • don't grip around the buttocks!
    • don't let the Rectus abdominus (the "washboard ab" muscle cut in.
    • keep shoulders down!
    • Maintain "Pelvic and Chest Neutral"
What it does:-
  • Teaches fine control of the Rectus abdominus
Useful related exercises:-
  • Any Pilates exercise that engages the Transverse abdominal muscle.
  • Safe "Sit Down" Technique.
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