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  Pilates Low Back Pain (5):   leg slides and kene drops Pilates Information
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Leg Slides:- Start Position
  1. Lie on the floor in the Relaxation Position
  2. Pelvic Neutral
  3. Anchor your scapulas.
  4. Chin gently tucked.
Leg Slides:- Action
  1. Zip and hollow and breathe in.
  2. (Breathing out): slide your right leg away from you while keeping your pelvis absolutely still.
  3. (Breathing in): maintain "Zip and Hollow", and at the same time, return the leg to the start position.
  4. Five times each leg!
Knee Drops, Start Position:-
  1. As for leg slides (see above).
Knee Drops, Action:-
  1. Zip and hollow and breathe in.
  2. (Breathing out):, let your right knee open slowly to the side. (Perfectly still pelvis!)
  3. (Breathing in): let the knee return to the centre.
  4. Repeat five times each leg.
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Start Position for Leg Slides and Knee Drops:-
RelaxPosi.gif (6K)
Leg Slides:-
LegSlide.gif (4K)
Knee Drops:-
KneeDrop.gif (6K)
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Watch Points for leg Slides and Knee Drops:-
  • Maintain scapular anchor.
  • Don't let your pelvis move! The pelvic clock face looks straight up and never deviates.
  • Keep all other muscles relaxed.
  • Don't rush! Concentrate on good technique!
Modern man moves his lumbar spine before his hips (figure to left in neighbouring picture).
In contrast, toddlers and primitive folks such as the Kalahari bushman move their hip joints first, before their lumbar spine (figure to right in neighbouring picture). Lower Back Pain from Incorrect Lifting
What these exercises do-
  • Teach you to move your hip joints while not moving your lumbar spine.
Injury free running and walking starts with a stable, neutrally positioned Lumbo-Pelvic region. You will also be less prone to injury when lifting or doing gardening!

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